Trility – Men Slim Fit T-Shirt by Stedman

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Trility – Men Slim Fit T-Shirt by Stedman


Looking for something new to update your wardrobe with? Well, now can, while also showing your support with this groovy, high-quality, 100% cotton Slim-Fit T-Shirt by Stedman! It contains the Trility logo and the Trility website link on the back of the shirt. We have multiple sizes to accommodate everyone. Right now we only have one color, but we are planning on adding more variety in the future! All the money made will go into investing further into Trility and its capabilities, so if you want to see us grow, this is one of the best ways!

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This is a high quality, 100% cotton, black, Slim-Fit T-Shirt by Stedman.

It contains the Trility logo and the Trility website link on the back of the T-shirt.


About Stedman

Stedman was established in 1953, in the USA and had since been known for high-quality leisure clothing. You can visit their website for more great and comfortable clothes.


About our retailer

Spreadshirt is a German online retail company that enables customers to design and order custom apparel such as T-Shirts and sweatshirts. They are great to do business with, and we highly recommend them for any budding entrepreneurs!


  1. steven schibli @schiblischibli bodenbeläge

    unfortunately nothing for women. This server is sexist and i feel objectified being a member in it

    • xtaraptor

      Hey Steven!

      Thanks for the constructive criticism! We are definitely working on getting a female version of our products, but as we are a brand new network, it will take quite some time for us to be in stock. On top of this, according to our statistics, there is only a very small proportion of female users on our network, so it would not be economically viable as of right now to include a female section. As soon as our network grows, and we have users of all genders, we will definitely expand our market to be all-inclusive! Thank you for being an active member of our network and helping us improve and grow!

    • Christoph Szabo

      Go and get an apache helicopter!

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