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    Welcome to the official Trility Forums!

    These forums will serve as not only a platform for us to keep you guys informed, but also will allow people to communicate with us by leaving suggestions/questions/etc. Our team will check the forums as often as possible to provide answers as quick as possible. On top of this, it also serves as a way for all our members to interact with each other. Got an awesome new team and are looking for new members to recruit? Why not post it in the appropiate forum to look for new people?

    As always, the key to harmonious co-existance are estabilished ground rules. There are no special rules, just the standard. If we feel like your post is inappropiate in any way, we shall first inform you to take it down, and if that doesn’t work, we shall remove it. If you repost a removed post, you might be banned. If you posted something appropiate, but it is in the wrong forum, we shall request for you to move it to the correct one, or else we will remove it as well. If you feel that we unjustly removed one of your forums, feel free to get into contact with us, and if we agree that it was unjust, we will undo the removal or allow you to rewrite it.

    Basic rules:
    No spamming
    No advertisement, unless in the appropiate forum
    No harrasment (hate speech, sexism, racism, bullying, etc.)

    We will try to go on a case by case basis to give each offense a considerable amount of dedicated time to decide if it really was an offense, and if so, how to handle it.

    Thank you for following these rules and we hope you have fun in our growing community!

    -Trility Team, T.M.

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    Cool thanks for this awesome theme



    Cool thanks for this awesome theme

    You are welcome! ?



    helo !



    Ich putze hier nur!

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